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About Us

My name is Lena Graham.  I live locally in Seaholme just minutes from Melbourne’s largest dog beach with my husband Stuart, my 11yr old son Connor and our beloved 13 yr old Spoodle, Bob.  We are all passionate animal lovers and will treat your pet as one of our own.

I grew up in Seaholme and although I have spent many years living overseas, I knew I would return to live in this beautiful part of Melbourne.  Growing up I have practically owned every kind of animal ranging from a horse that I used to tether at the now cricket pitch in front of the dog beach, down to an echidna whom had decided to pay us a visit and not leave!  Most of the pets we had growing up either followed one of my siblings or I home, or we found abandoned or hurt and brought them home to our animal loving parents who could never turn them away.

My background is in nursing (the 2 legged kind) but it is my love and passion for animals that made me decide to start BestPaw4Ward, a personalised family-run business.  Part of the reason for starting this business was my own hesitation in putting my dog into care which led to me spending many a holiday either worrying about my dog or not going on holiday at all!

I have a current animal first aid certificate and police check.  I also have a current working with children check and my company is fully insured.

I  eagerly look forward to looking after your pet in a safe and loving environment , whether it is in your home, our home, out walking or if your pet is just lonely and needs a day stay or someone to pop by to have a play with them.

Kind Regards

Lena 🙂