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Dog Walking

Studies have shown how important it is to exercise your dog each day.  Walking your dog on a daily basis, relieves boredom and anxiety which can lead to behavioural problems such as barking, digging or destroying things in your home.

Socialisation is also a huge factor in having a happy and healthy dog .

We know life is busy and owners sometimes don’t have the time or energy to take their dogs out for a walk.  We are here to do that for you and leave you worry and guilt free!  We offer casual and regular dog walking packages and aim to provide a service of the highest standard at an affordable price.

  • Group Walks:  Most dogs like this type of walk where they get to play, fetch balls and burn of some of that abundance of energy!
  • Solo Walks:  For those dogs who think they are human and prefer one on one or dogs which require shorter, slower walks or may have some type of behavioural problem a solo walk may be the ticket for them!

Walks are held Mondays-Fridays at:

  • Altona Dog Beach
  • Altona Coastal Walk
  • Newport Lakes off leash area (large fenced in area)


Safety Comes First!

We only take a maximum of four dogs at any one time as this is a  Hobson Bay Council requirement and ensures your dogs get the attention they require and most importantly stay safe and are easily controlled at any time.  We always carry fresh water so your dog will always stay hydrated and we also carry a pet first aid.  All dogs are safely in the back of our vehicles for their safety and also our walkers.  No dog will ever be let off the leash in an unfenced off leash area without owners permission.

Walks depend on weather and individual dog’s age and capabilities.

Any walks cancelled due to bad weather will be credited.

We provide free pick up and drop off from your home.  We always carry treats, water, poo bags, balls and extra leads!

Please check our rates page for pricing.